Why Italian football has no money

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Clubs in Serie A are struggling to spend money. In January 2023 transfer window when the Premier League spent a combined total of 800m Euros, Serie A spent just 33m.

But why? What is holding Italian clubs back from competing with their European counterparts? What are the main revenue streams, and why aren’t they fruitful?

James Horncastle writes, Henry Cooke illustrates.

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Farmers stage protest in Argentina

(13 Jul 2022)
Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios, Argentina – 13 July 2022
1. Farmers on tractors arrive at a demonstration
2. Various of farmers listening to speeches
3. Martin Morasan reads a statement from protesting farmers UPSOUND (Spanish) «The fiscal voracity of the national government that only sees us as a cashier, where there is always something to get out of using different arguments, like now, with the war in Ukraine (government blaming inflation of fuel, fertilizer, and food on the war in Ukraine).»
4. Farmers holding flags
5. Various of people singing the Argentine national anthem
6. A dog wrapped in the Argentine flag
7. A woman singing the Argentine national anthem
8. Protesters with a giant flag
9. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Marcelo Meda, Argentine farmer:
«We have restrictions for dollars, restrictions for imports, withholdings for exports, our economy is closing more and more and we are becoming isolated from the world, when all the walls in the world have already been knocked down and what we have to do is open up. We produce everything that the world needs in Argentina. We’ve got every chance and we’re letting it go.»
10. A farmer on a tractor
11. An Argentine flag on top of a tractor
12. Ronaldo Luis Barolin, Argentine farmer
13. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Ronaldo Luis Barolin, Argentine farmer:
«To begin with, leave us alone a bit. The minute we start producing they want to get a little more out of us, a little more. They stick their hands in (our pockets) for taxes, they stick their hands in by withholding exports, and we don’t know to do anything else but produce.»
14. A gaucho preparing a «choripan,» a traditional Argentine sandwich made of Argentine chorizo and french bread
15. Sausages on a grill
The main associations of agricultural producers in Argentina carried out a 24-hour strike on Wednesday with protests across the country.
Producers complain that due to the price of the dollar that governs the agricultural sector, they receive close to 30% of the international price of soybeans in pesos -Argentina’s star crop – and although their profit margins are lower their taxes continue to soar.
The producers also question what they say is excessive government intervention in the market.
Their complaint is aimed at government mandated export quotas for cereals and meat and taxes, which include sales taxes applied to international purchases, in addition to maintaining strict restrictions on all imports as a way of curbing expenditures.
Due to the strike, the main livestock and agricultural markets worked a half day.
One of the most important protests took place near the town of Gualeguaychú, in the province of Entre Ríos north of Buenos Aires province, where the lack of diesel continues to be a problem. Producers demonstrated driving their tractors adorned with Argentine flags.
The strikers complain about the difficulties they face in achieving better productivity in a context of accelerated inflation, which has sent fuel prices skyrocketing.
Inflation for the first five months is close to 30% and economists estimate that by the end of the year it will reach 80%.
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