Salernitana-Juventus 0-3 | Vlahovic hits brace in routine win: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

The Bianconeri secure a big victory to end a run of three games without a win thanks to a Dusan Vlahovic double and another from Filip Kostic | Serie A 2022/23

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0:00 Highlights
0:24 Dusan Vlahovic; Salernitana-Juventus 0-1
0:47 Filip Kostic; Salernitana-Juventus 0-2
1:32 Dusan Vlahovic; Salernitana-Juventus 0-3

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  1. Во втором тайме Селернитана вродь бы получше играть начала, но всё мимо ворот. А Ювентус в начале второго тайма забившы третий гол, удержал сухую победу!👍

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  3. I watched two games City vs Spurs. Halland was not seen at all. Now I see that Vlahović is technically a better player, moves better and is more combative. Haaland had no contact with the ball or the player. Just run and press the back line. You never see him with the ball at 25m. And just look at what Kane does in the same match!!!