Napoli-Inter 3-1 | The champions triumph at the Maradona: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

Napoli bounced back from their shocking defeat away to Monza with a commanding performance against Champions League finalists Inter | Serie A 2022/23

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49 comentarios en «Napoli-Inter 3-1 | The champions triumph at the Maradona: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23»

  1. у миланцев евревв анафема от моисея.но это не их победа , тот же интер на первых стадиах мог попасть на реал а сити на интер)наполи на любую другую команду..мог, но как и сказал не лезу в этом и не полез.удачи в нац чемпионате и уверенной победе над миланцами и берл лазарем.

  2. как и говорил не вмешиваюсь и как кдоговорилист сами так и пусть было в лч и будет)ооно в национальном чемпионате с победой наполи…

  3. This match needs to be investigated for match fixing.

    1. The Zielinski goal was 100% a goal
    2. Gagliardini PURPOSELY was trying to get sent off in the first half. His second foul was 100% a second yellow and the ref just ignored it. Then he goes and does it again to be sent off in the first half.

    100% someone is betting in this game.

  4. I have seen Napoli crumble down only maybe twice in the last 4-5 years.
    One was when they played Arsenal in Europa league in 2019 quarters and one when Milan beat them 4-0 recently. Otherwise they have always been so entertaining and competent.