Milan-Torino 1-0 | Giroud gives Milan long-awaited win: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

After 5 games without a win, the Rossoneri get back to winning ways thanks to a header by the Frenchman, putting end to a 3-game losing streak | Serie A 2022/23

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0:00 Highlights
1:45 Olivier Giroud; Milan-Torino 1-0

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42 comentarios en «Milan-Torino 1-0 | Giroud gives Milan long-awaited win: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23»

  1. Milan didn't strengthen this summer, and 4 teams have swept past them. Every team plays them hard, and they haven't been able to handle it.

    They really need to make changes this coming summer. Relying on old man Giroud for goals shows the lack of quality in the squad. Why on earth did they buy a duffer like Origi?


  2. Let's hole this is the first step towards coming back to the way we've played till the WC.
    Common now, the next thjng is UCL win vs Tottenham, no matter how. small or big it is. It's important to do it!

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