Lecce-Napoli 1-2 | League leaders back to winning ways: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

After the shocking defeat against Milan last time out, the Neapolitans shake off the disappointment with a win against Lecce thanks to Di Lorenzo’s header and Gallo’s own goal | Serie A 2022/23

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  2. For two games, teammates almost do not give a pass to Kvara. That's why they lost to Milan and this game was so hard. With such a selfish game, it will be very difficult for them. Osimen has never been greedy the ball because he is a team player, just like Kvara.

  3. 나폴리 경기력이 떨어지는건 어쩔수가 없음. 저번 오시멘 안면 부상 복귀 후에 시즌 내내 전방으로 뻥패스 해서 최전선 오시멘의 피지컬에 의존하면서 득점을 따내는 전술이 메인이였는데 갑자기 사라지니 선수들도 어색할수 밖에.. 거기에 수비의 주축인 김민재도 멘탈 데미지 상당해 보였고..

  4. J'ai regardé le match lecce – Napoli.
    Si Mario rui va jouer contre Milan Napoli va perdre cette matchs.
    Si Mathias Oliveira va jouer Napoli va gagner.
    J'ai jamais vu un joueur si stupide comme Mario rui, c'est un débile comme joueur !
    Il donne pas le passe à Kvaratskhelia,
    Et en général j'ai l'impression que tout le monde en train de ignorer kvaratskhelia et personne ne lui donne le passe dans les matchs alors que tous les dangers il vient de lui dès qu'il a un ballon kvaratskhelia il crée un danger dans le défense adverse

  5. As always they are obsessed with possession and creating spaces, but lately they dont use them as quickly anymore. They prefer to stop a counter attack and start over and sometimes even lose the ball because of this, instead of making open passes to attackers. Kvara was ignored in so many situations today, was almost beging for the ball three or four times