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On January 20, 2021, Juventus won their ninth Italian Super Cup after a 2-0 victory over Napoli. The club won 13 trophies in the decade before 1986, including six league titles and five international titles, and became the first to win all three season competitions organized by a UEFA federation. The club was founded in 1897 and has a rich history, including numerous domestic and international honors. Juventus Football Club, the top league in the Italian football league system, camiseta juventus 2024 Serie A. The club was founded in 1897 by a group of students. Click on CONTACT US to find out about the dedicated contact channels. Find the best Juventus soccer gear here. The cost of the service changes according to the tariff plan signed with your telecom provider and does not include any additional cost. Show your support for Juventus with pride by ordering a newest 2023 jersey right now! Looking for a high-quality Juventus jersey to show your support for the Italian giants? Choose a Juventus jersey 2021 that will make you feel like an official player of Juve’s soccer league winning squad, all while looking great in their signature recolors.

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Add your name and your number to your adidas Juventus soccer jersey today. We sell full range of Juventus soccer team jersey sets, including Juventus soccer team short sleeve jersey sets, Juventus long sleeve jersey sets, Juventus kids jersey sets, Juventus training kits, Juventus women kits, Juventus soccer team retro jersey. Tiene un panel de forma rectangular en la espalda de color negro para mantener el espíritu de la Juventus vivo. La prenda, sin más detalles, se completa con pantalones y medias en los mismos colores.Camiseta Juventus Tercera 2018-2019 es exactamente el mismo que vimos con el Manchester United y veremos con el Real Madrid, con un diseño de líneas punteadas verticales sobre el color principal, que en este caso será negro sobre gris, incorporando detalles en amarillo pálido en el branding, el escudo y el sponsor. El cuello, las tres rayas en los hombros, las tiras laterales, la marca, el patrocinador y el escudo del club proporcionan un contraste adicional, todos ellos en color negro. Con sus colores blanco y negro. Sobre el fondo blanco impecable, se aprecian rayas grises y el emblemático color rosa Juventus, otorgando una textura resistente que refleja la imponente roca del acantilado Monte Rosa.