For the cosplay questionnaire, a thirty-four-item self-report survey pertaining to demographic information, and cosplay behavior were derived from the previous study on cosplay (Rosenberg and Letamendi 2013). Additional items were added to explore personality, identity, cute anime girl costumes and gender characteristics. The survey was administered via Google Docs. For people of colour (POC), most especially those who belong to the Afrodiasporic community, cosplay can be understood as a social experiment that creates a discursive space to play with preconceived racial stereotypes. Cosplayers can be found in pretty much any and every community, even Cumberland County. However, during in-person interviews with cosplayers, many cosplayers report that they are shy when out of costume, and that engaging in cosplay allows them to be more outgoing than their usual selves. Scenes like those are the first time viewers will notice there’s something different about this series that captures their interest.

On October 25, Tammy went bra-less in a green I AM GIA tracksuit at her first Halloween event on the Gold Coast. Psychological aspects of cosplay were first studied by Rosenberg and Letamendi (2013) in an effort to understand the motivations and experiences of cosplayers. vampire costume women We did not have specific hypotheses about why cosplayers choose to engage in cosplay or chose their cosplay characters. Thousands of superheroes have arrived just in the nick of time for the grand opening of the bi-annual London Comic Con festival. Because of that breadth of time being covered, Melssen believes it’s the only festival of its kind in the United States.

Taylor, Nicole (2019) The Fantasy of Embodiment: Afrofuturism, Cosplay and the Afrodiaspora. Alternatively, men and women who cosplay would be less extraverted than a normative sample for each gender (i.e., score lower and be more introverted) and only “act extraverted” during cosplay. Thus, we had two competing hypotheses about the degree of extraversion among cosplayers in our sample: first, men and women who cosplay would be more extraverted compared to a normative sample for each gender (i.e., cute anime halloween costumes score higher on that scale). Costumes are infused with the imaginative power capable of transporting cosplayers into different realms of existence. The Entertainment Authority said 25,000 people are expected at the event, which will provide “a boost to the local economy”.

Saudi Arabia is trying to boost its entertainment sector as part of an economic and social reform drive aimed at creating jobs and weaning the country off its dependence on oil. In order to learn more about cosplayers, the aim of the current study was to obtain a large enough sample to assess trends in cosplayers’ social relationships, identity issues related to cosplay, and degree of extraversion. Support for this hypothesis is found in David Nettle’s 2006 study of personality and cognitive styles of 191 professional actors. Particularly of interest to us were the extraversion items from the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised Short Form (EPQR-S).

The full EPQR-S (Eysenck and Eysenck 1991) was developed to measure three traits considered central to personality and includes an Extraversion, Neuroticism, Psychoticism, and Lie scale. Cosplay is a form of expression when people dress as characters from movies, TV shows or graphic novels. Jupiter finds inspiration for drag looks from movies, cartoons, and anime, channeling his inner villain into fierce glam and whimsical costumes. Cosplay, or costume play, refers to the act of dressing up as characters from Japanese manga and anime, television, film, comics, cartoons and video games. Yanti’s fashions are inspired by Disney and Japanese anime characters, with artful hijab designs that resemble wigs or hoods.

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